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    DME Certification for Non-Medicare Providers

    Accrediting organization The Compliance Team CEO Sandy Canally, RN, has launched a new certification program to help retail HME providers. What benefits does it offer, and how do providers obtain it? 09/27/2022

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    Addressing Retail HME Customer Concerns About the Economy

    One look at consumer metrics shows that retail customers are worried about the economy. How can HME providers offer solutions that allay worries over higher-end cash purchases? 09/08/2022

  • Provider Strategy

    Enhancing Customers' Store Experience

  • Podcast

    Product Protection Plans for Retail HME

    Offering protection plans for retail HME items can benefit both patients and providers in many ways, and it turns out implementing them doesn’t require much. 05/23/2022

  • Video Interview

    Implementing Product Protection Plans in HME

    The idea of offering product protection plans to HME patients might seem like new ground, but there are multiple reasons why they should consider them. Expert Sean Stapleton takes a deep dive. 04/07/2022

  • Editor's Note
    David Kopf

    Is the Price Right?

    Vendors and providers might want to revisit retail pricing policies. 12/01/2021

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    Must-Stock Retail DME Categories

    What DME items should be sitting on your retail shelves? We take a look at some key product categories that any pharmacy specializing in DME products should offer. 12/01/2021

  • trophy award

    Top Honors

    This year’s edition of the HMEB New Products of the Year Award saw 15 winners across a variety of categories. We take closer look at what makes the 2021 award winners so special. 12/01/2021

Webinars & Webcasts

  • Driving Loyalty and Revenue Through Equipment Protection Plans

    This webinar will explore the value of protection plans to patients, as well benefits such as additional upfront revenue, repair service income and overall customer satisfaction. We will also explore how a robust, well-designed protection plan program can differentiate a provider, help close sales and eliminate margin erosion.


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