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    HME's Legislative, Regulatory and Payer Relations Priorities

    The AAHomecare Update at this week's Medtrade Spring offered a winder range of updates. Staff share their top-line priorities from that update, such as increasing SPA rates, extending relief, CMS's proposed O2 NCD and the American Rescue Plan. 07/15/2021

  • Observation Deck

    Made for the Challenge

    The supply chain issues exposed by the Philips recall underscore the need for policies that fully recognize the importance of maintaining access to respiratory products. 07/08/2021

  • 2021 HME Business Handbook: Respiratory

    Optimizing Oxygen Patient Care While Maximizing Operational Efficiency

    With ongoing stress on the global supply chain and logistics, it's important for HME provides to re-assess the operations and costs associated with the equipment upkeep required to care for their oxygen patients. 06/01/2021

  • 2021 HME Business Handbook: Respiratory

    Leveraging Infection Control in a Postpandemic World

    You are already taking the necessary steps to create a safe environment for your customers — marketing the steps you have taken will allow you to stand out from your competitors. 06/01/2021

  • Products & Technology
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    Product Launch Spring 2021

    Here's a launchpad of compelling HME products and services that'll help your business boost its appeal to patients and referral partners — and hopefully help your revenues rocket upward. 04/01/2021

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    Breathe Easy?

    COVID-19 has strained America’s oxygen infrastructure like nothing before. What factors are impacting supply and demand, and how are stakeholders responding? What other factors are impacting the oxygen market at the same time? 02/12/2021

  • Business Solutions

    14th Annual Big 10

    It’s time again for our annual Big 10 list of trends affecting HME now and in the months to come, but this year is different due to the far-reaching COVID-19 public health emergency. See what will impact the industry as we roll into 2021. 02/01/2021

  • Annual Advisory Board Roundtable

    Keep Advocating for H.R. 2771

    While Round 2021 is an unknown, the industry can focus on the grassroots effort to build support for legislation extending rural and non-bid area relief, as well as protecting oxygen funding. 10/22/2020

  • 2020 HME Business Handbook: Oxygen

    Expanding Your Oxygen Care and Business Performance

    Regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need to serve increasing numbers of home respiratory patients continues to expand. How do HME providers meet that demand? 07/29/2020

  • 2020 HME Business Handbook: Oxygen

    How to Use Fleet Management Tools to Improve Your Oxygen Business

    Respiratory providers need help keeping track of not only the preventive maintenance for their equipment in the field, but simply knowing where their equipment is located! Fortunately there are solutions. 06/01/2020

Webinars & Webcasts

  • COVID-19 in the Clinical Respiratory Environment

    Oxygen therapy is playing a critical role in the treatment and recovery of COVID-19 patients. Explore the path of the virus with guest speaker Keith Robinson MD, MS, FCCP, as he shares the pathophysiology of the virus and its four phases.

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