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Protekt Pilot: Keeping More Users Upright and Moving

Proactive designed its upright walker to be an affordable alternative to standard walkers for seniors who want to stay upright and comfortable while walking.

Over the past couple of years, a new format for walking aids has come onto the marketing: the upright walker. These devices aim to help users walk upright, so they will be more stable and more easily see where they are going. Instead of hunching over, which might cause them pain in the lower back, hands, and wrists, they can walk with their back straight for longer distances and with less stress.

One new entrant in this category is the Protekt Pilot Upright Walker from Proactive Medical Products, which features adjustable height armrests, lockable handbrakes, comfortable seat with backrest support, stand-assist handles, 8 in. front wheels with 360° swivel for easy maneuvering, and a compact design that still supports up to 300 lbs.

But a big feature for the Protekt Pilot Upright Walker is a price that makes owning an upright walker more attainable for a broader range of users. The unit comes in at approximately $225, including a one-year warranty and a convenience package of accessories that includes a beverage holder, safety LED light, personal item bag, and cane holder, says Brian Goldstein, CEO of Proactive.

“When the manufacturing plant came back with much lower cost than we anticipated, we were like, ‘Let’s move forward as fast as possible,’” he explains. “… It is a great retail product. If the dealer displays it next to the traditional walkers, demos the product properly, and prices it attractively, they will have no problem selling it.”

In terms of appeal, there are a lot of patient groups that would benefit from the Protekt Pilot Upright Walker. That includes seniors that have trouble walking or find it difficult to keep their balance. It also helps resolve mobility issues for people with orthopedic, neurological, cardiovascular, and pulmonary problems, as well as conditions such as spinal disease, Parkinson’s, strokes, and multiple sclerosis, Goldstein notes. And of course, any senior that’s seeking a better, safer walking experience and increased activity.

“Standing up straight and not slouching over improves confidence and provides a more dignified walking experience,” he explains. “In addition, the Pilot allows users to walk even further than a traditional walker, which increases their independence.”

That translates to a lot of potential users. Will upright walkers become the norm for walking aids. Goldstein says that will likely take some time.

“Since Medicare does not reimburse an upright walker, it will take a very long time to become the ‘norm,’” he explains. “I am hoping that our lower price point will make the Pilot more affordable and accessible for everyone that wants it.”

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