LifeWalker Unveils Upwalker Neuro

The latest version delivers the same features as the original UPWalker along with enhanced safety to help those with neurological and movement disorders. 

LifeWalker Mobility Products has debuted the UPWalker Neuro, an upright posture walker that follows from the original UPWalker, but adds functions and benefits for neurological and movement disorder patients.

The original UPWalker provided an innovative take on walking aids by letting users stand fully upright while using the device, rather than leaning over it, which is usually the case when using traditional walkers and rollators. Two bars rise up on either side of the user, and attached to them are two armrests with handles and brake controls.

Following that design approach, LifeWalker designed the UPWalker Neuro for the daily living needs of neurological and movement disorder patients as well as clinical applications that may assist therapists when performing various functional mobility activities. The UPWalker Neuro includes rotational armrests, speed control, and reverse motion stops in addition to the standard features of the original UPWalker.

Other key UPWalker Neuro features:

  • Armrest angle adjustments for hemipelagic and other patients with limited arm movement or muscle tone (angle can be set anywhere between straight ahead and perpendicular across the body).
  • Backup prevention mechanism on both rear wheels to reduce the risk of retropulsion.
  • Speed control resistance brake to manage the pace with which the UPWalker rolls.
  • Armrest bridge that provides enhanced stability for impaired patients.
  • Rechargeable motion activated safety light that illuminates the user’s path.
  • Personal item bag with air vents for portable oxygen concentrators.
  • Sit-to-stand handles that provide support when sitting or standing.
  • Surface materials that can be cleaned and sanitized.  

The user height range for the UPWalker Neuro ranges between 5’3” and 6’10” and the user weight capacity is up to 400 pounds. The UPWalker Neuro itself weighs 29.7 pounds.

Standard accessories for the device include a beverage holder, backrest and personal item bag. Optional accessories include a luxury personal item bag, shopping bag, smartphone holder, cane holder and flashlight.

The UPWalker Neuro is currently available at MSRP of $795, including free shipping. The UPWalker Neuro is backed by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty on the frame.

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