GentleCath Air for Men

GentleCath Air for Men

GentleCath Air intermittent catheters for men have many features that make them easy and comfortable to use, whether at home or on the go. The most obvious feature is the unique, masculine pouch design which offers discreet portability. The black GentleCath Air pouch resembles a luxury grooming product, making it a great option for men to use confidently when away from home.

Proprietary FeelClean Technology distinguishes GentleCath Air from hydrophilic coated catheters. FeelClean Technology integrates hydrophilic properties in the catheter – instantly creating a smooth, slippery surface when pure water is released inside the pouch. FeelClean Technology has been shown to provide ‘superior comfort’ to users of GentleCath intermittent catheters. It enables extended use time by not drying out and not sticking. Additionally, there is less residual mess as a result of FeelClean Technology.

A Handling Sleeve offers controlled use and reduces the risk of contamination. Additionally, men can use the Handling Sleeve to easily twist and tuck the used catheter back into the resealable pouch for discreet disposal.GentleCath Air™ with FeelClean™ Technology offers gamechanging relief and helps men have a confident, comfortable, and clean cathing experience.

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