DME Certification for Non-Medicare Providers

Accrediting organization The Compliance Team CEO Sandy Canally, RN, has launched a new certification program to help retail HME providers. What benefits does it offer, and how do providers obtain it?

It’s basic industry knowledge that HME providers operating as DMEPOS suppliers must maintain Medicare accreditation and that Medicare accreditation has become a standard for providing quality care and service. But how do retail providers demonstrate their expertise to their customers?

In the latest episode of the HME Business Podcast, Sandy Canally, RN, founder and CEO of accrediting organization The Compliance Team, discusses a new certification program her company has developed to help non-Medicare providers tell customers their business offers care and service that patients can trust.

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In the previous episode, Bill Paul, CEO of ATLAS Technology, talks about how his previous work as a CRT provider led to him developing a series of technology tools that he then released to the industry. Paul and several of the ATLAS Technology team join the HMEB podcast to discuss the technology, telehealth, clinical care, and business services they now offer to HME and CRT provider businesses.

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