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    Provider-Grown CRT & HME Technology Tools

    Born out of a CRT specialist business, ATLAS Technology has developed four technology and business solutions tailor-made to help HME and CRT providers. 09/15/2022

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    Telehealth Innovations for HME Providers

    Telehealth has become the norm for not just referral partners and patients but HME providers as well. How can HME businesses leverage telehealth, and what services are available? 06/28/2022

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    15th Annual Big 10

    Once again, we proofile 10 trends that will shape the HME industry this year. The far-reaching impact of Covid-19 is undeniable, but it’s not the only factor that will define 2022. 02/01/2022

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    Telehealth Staffing of Respiratory Therapists

    As providers seek to consider new staffing and outsourcing solutions, rtNOW has stepped up to offer RTs that can help sleep and home ventilator providers more flexibly manage their businesses. 11/04/2021

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    Securing Remote HME Patients & Workers

    As telehealth and remote connectivity become more prevalent in HME, providers must ensure they’ve locked up their data nice and tight. What are today’s security risks and how do providers counter them? 08/01/2021

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    14th Annual Big 10

    It’s time again for our annual Big 10 list of trends affecting HME now and in the months to come, but this year is different due to the far-reaching COVID-19 public health emergency. See what will impact the industry as we roll into 2021. 02/01/2021

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    2020: A Year to Remember?

    Or maybe forget. To be sure, the year everybody loves to hate has made some lasting impacts on the HME industry. 12/17/2020


  • Telehealth Evals for Complex Rehab: What's Involved?

    CMS relaxed telehealth regulations for CRT, but what are the technology tools available and how do providers implement them? Moreover, shouldn't telehealth evals be a regular part of the way care and business are conducted?


  • HME Business Podcast

    Technology Building Blocks for HME & CRT Providers

    Paul Paul and several of the ATLAS Technology team join the podcast to discuss the technology, telehealth, clinical care, and business services they now offer to HME and CRT provider businesses.

  • HME Business Podcast

    Telehealth Innovations for HME Providers

    Dr. Scott Martin, the medical director of TeleHealth Clinical Evals, and Maxine Paul, the vice president of operations for TeleHealth Clinical Evals, join the podcast to discuss how referral partners and patients have rapidly adopted telehealth, how HME providers can leverage telehealth, and the sorts of telehealth services their company offers to help HME providers save time and generate revenue.

HME Business Podcast