October 2019 HME Business

October 2019


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Products & Technology

Medtrade's Atlanta Product Roundup

By Haley Samsel, David Kopf

This year’s edition of the annual conference and expo will round up a veritable cattle drive of products and services for HME providers. So we lassoed up some compelling items that will be on display to give you a sneak peek.

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Business Solutions

The Rx for Billing Headaches: Outsourcing

By Holly J. Wagner

Chasing payments is a pain. Billing services can bring relief. What do you need to know to get started with outsourced billing and similar services?

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Business Solutions

Managing Multiple Payer Relations

By David Kopf

Our annual roundtable with the HMEB Editorial Advisory draws one almost unanimous conclusion: providers must diversify and learn how to deal with multiple payers and revenue sources.

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Business Solutions

A Game Plan for Six-Year Lookbacks

By Holly J. Wagner

CMS's six-year lookback audits represent a daunting challenge for HME providers, but there are steps they can take to deal with them.


Provider Strategy

Using Inventory to Drive Retail Sales

By Rob Baumhover

The link between inventory management and moving cash products.

Observation Deck

Diabetes Self-Management

By Sandra Canally

Revenue opportunities await HME businesses that can provide DSMT. So what's involved?

David Kopf

Editor's Note

You're in the Driver's Seat

By David Kopf

Despite voluminous changes, providers continue to prove they're in control of their businesses.


Product Solutions

Women's Health

Women have many unique health needs that deserve special care and focus. We look at some of the latest product offerings designed to help providers specialize in serving those needs.

Problem Solvers

Taking HME's Talent Pool International

By David Kopf

HR costs can be a problem for HME businesses. One provider that has launched a hiring agency might have just the right solution.


Product Spotlight

Fleet Management Comes to HME

By David Kopf

All sorts of industries have tools to help them manage their equipment 'fleets.' Quality Biomedical aims to bring that to its customers with Q-Connect.

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