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  • Product Spotlight

    The F&P Vitera: Rolling With the Changes

    Fisher & Paykel Healthcare's new full-face offering focuses on ensuring optimal fit regardless of how patients change their sleeping position during the night. 12/01/2019

  • Products & Technology
    enhancing efficiency

    Enhancing Efficiency

    Software companies are increasingly focused on tools to integrate with other services to create a seamless experience for HME providers, their referral partners and their patients. 12/01/2019

  • Provider Strategy

    Subcontracting with Another Supplier

    When it comes to MAPs and MMCPs, what's allowed and what's not allowed for subcontracting arrangements? 12/01/2019

  • Observation Deck

    Searching for Silver Bullets in Healthcare

    When it comes to 'fixing' U.S. healthcare, there is no simple cure. What will it take to make lasting, positive change? 12/01/2019

  • Products & Technology
    HMEB New Product Award 2019

    The Best of the Best

    Now in the sixth year of hosting the annual HMEB New Products Award competition, our panel of provider judges has landed on some HME products and services that truly deserve some time in the spotlight. 12/01/2019

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