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IntelliPAP 2 AutoAdjust CPAP

IntelliPAP2 AutoAdjust CPAP System

System automatically adjusts therapy to patients’ natural breathing patterns

  • CPAP system offers heated humidification system and improved sensitivity to detect full spectrum of patient events.
  • Provides comfortable therapy based on the patient’s natural breathing pattern through PureView AutoAdjust algorithm.
  • Bluetooth connectivity is included on every unit, allowing patients to view therapy results on SmartLink app.
  • (877) 224-0946


Chair Caddie

Chair Caddie

Chair caddie makes it easier to maneuver seated patients

To help caregivers safely move a seated person up to and away from a table, ComforTek has introduced the Chair Caddie. The product attaches to existing chairs, raising them 0.75 inches above the floor and making it easier to maneuver the patient. In addition, the caddie comes with the ability to lock the chair in place using rear brakes, reducing the risk of falling for the patient and easing the physical strain on the caregiver.

  • (888) 678-2060


DreamStation Go

DreamStation Go

Ultra-portable PAP therapy system designed for frequent traveler

  • Smallest CPAP system ever designed by Philips features 12-mm PAP tubing, offering same experience while taking up less space than other products.
  • Compatible with DreamMapper self-management tool featuring complete therapy results.
  • Optional integrated overnight battery protects patient from power interruption.
  • (855) 223-7395

Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC)


Mail-Order Pharmacies Program

Mail-order pharmacies can gain accreditation through new program

Responding to a growing trend in the pharmacy industry, the Accreditation Commission for Health Care has introduced a new accreditation service for mail-order pharmacies. The program helps organizations address standards concerning pharmacy licensure, patient records, shipping methodology and more before earning recognition for their quality control systems. In addition, the accreditation will also help pharmacies meet the requirements of payers.

  • (919) 785-1214

Sunrise Medical (US) LLC

JAY Syncra Seating System for SEDEO Pro

JAY Syncra Seating System for SEDEO Pro

New seating system specifically engineered for tilt and recline

To help wheelchair users avoid body displacement and increase comfort while reclining, Sunrise Medical has launched its new JAY Syncra Seating System for SEDEO Pro seat frames. The system combines a scalloped back shell and a cushion with a lowered pelvic wall and deep femoral troughs to keep the body in the right position while the chair is tilted or reclined. Clinicians now have better options for adapting aftermarket seating to powered seat frames, the company said.

  • (800) 333-4000


AirFit N30

AirFit N30

Light CPAP mask minimizes discomfort and noise at night

  • First-ever tube-down nasal cradle CPAP mask with front-facing tube offers new option for sleep apnea therapy.
  • Company’s lightest mask offering features adjustable headgear, nasal cradle cushion and secure seal with curved cushion.
  • Product includes ResMed QuietAir vent technology designed to minimize noise.
  • (877) 242-1703



oneCAIRE Programs

Consulting services designed to support HMEs providing oxygen therapy

  • Manufacturer provides retail partner program, non-delivery program, O2 discharge program, and sponsored training to help HME providers grow their businesses.
  • Business solutions consulting paired with CAIRE’s thorough knowledge of the oxygen market with products like FreeStyle Comfort POC and proprietary oxygen technology.
  • (800) 874-0202


Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Mobi Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Concentrator's oxygen delivery matches inhalation rate to improve patient comfort

  • 5.5 lb. concentrator, now widely available in U.S., designed for one-touch startup with display screen providing notifications about oxygen delivery and device functioning.
  • Pulse-Wave technology matches oxygen delivery to user’s inhalation rate for comfort.
  • (877) 242-1703

GCE Healthcare

Zen-O Lite Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Zen-O Lite Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Online monitoring platform Clarity now available on POCs in U.S.

  • Online monitoring platform Clarity Converged Care and 4G connectivity now launched on all POCs in the U.S.
  • Home oxygen providers can monitor machine 24/7 from any online device and perform predictive maintenance, viewing oxygen purity, usage history and battery life.
  • (888) 659-2102

GF Health Products

Lumiscope Advanced Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Lumiscope Advanced Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure monitor comes equipped with movement detection, LCD monitor

Coming back with an updated look, GF Health Products has restocked its Lumiscope Advanced Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor. The package includes a monitor, a universal cuff that can fit arm sizes between 8.66 and 17.32 inches, an AC adapter, four AA batteries, a soft carry pouch and an instruction manual. Up to four users can save 99 sets of memory each, which can be accessed via a large, easy-to-read LCD screen. The product has several capabilities, including irregular pulse detection, pulse pressure indication and movement detection. Customers will receive a one-year limited warranty with their purchase.

  • (800) 347-5678




Providers can geo-locate concentrators, monitor patient use through online dashboard

  • Bluetooth-enabled POC offers six flow settings for patients through a mobile application.
  • Providers can use an online dashboard to monitor patient use, geo-locate machines and check battery life, and known when to perform preventative maintenance.
  • (877) 263-1167

American Ventures



Cane and crutch pad makes it easier to walk on sand, uneven terrain

The EZ-Walk pad is designed to provide a wider base of stability than normal crutch, cane or walker tips. A universally adaptable product designed for standard sized crutches and canes, the EZ-Walk has a 3-inch flat bottom offering parallel usage on flat surfaces. To prevent sand and water from settling on the top, the pad has beveled triangular drainage vents that reduce the product’s weight and provide smoother, uninterrupted movement. Canes that are less than one inch in diameter, users can wrap a pre-sized tape insert around the end of their cane to increase diameter before attaching the EZ-Walk. The pad can accommodate users up to 300 lbs. in weight.


    Simply Go Mini

    Simply Go Mini

    Ultra-portable concentrator aims to deliver reliable performance on the go

    • Smallest and lightest concentrator offered by Philips features 5 pulse settings and fashionable bag designs
    • 5 lb. sleekly designed machine comes with lightweight and compact battery and high oxygen output for ultra-portable POC
    • (855) 223-7395


    Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator

    Platinum Mobile Oxygen Concentrator

    POC offers 'remote freedom' for HME providers and patients

    • Users can control flow settings via a connected smartphone app from up to 25 feet away.
    • Providers can view diagnostics remotely using Piccolo Provider Portal.
    • Designed for easy patient use with simple, sealed interface, top-load batteries and dual intakes and exhausts to maximize heat dissipation.
    • (800) 333-6900

    PlayMaker Health

    PlayMaker Edge for HME & Infusion

    PlayMaker Edge

    Cloud-based platform designed to assist HME providers in growing business

    With the combined power of PlayMaker Health and Brightree, the PlayMaker Edge platform gives HME and Infusion providers in-depth knowledge of the industry through its collection of market data, referral sources and service line expansion opportunities. The integration of Brightree’s cloud-based business software, which help post-acute care companies improve business performance and their patient outcomes, with PlayMaker allows clients to streamline their operations and grow their businesses. The platform offers a variety of reporting features on mobile and web, including sales intelligence, relationship management tools and account segmentation analytics.

    • (866) 930-6847

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