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ACU-Serve Corp.

ACU-Serve with ACU-Insight


HME revenue cycle management provider ACU-Serve’s ACU-Insight is a business analytics tool that allows providers to manage the revenue cycle with a holistic view. ACU-Serve developed the toolset to accommodate a client base with varied software platforms across numerous states and payers. ACU-Insight collects the data from multiple facets of providers’ organizations and delivers it in an actionable manner. By intelligently queuing up only the claims that need work and eliminating unnecessary touches, ACU-Serve can reduce the number of claims being touched and, in turn, lower the cost to its clients.

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Quality Biomedical

Quality Biomedical


Stickers facilitate repairs, reinforce the chain of custody for devices

Quality Biomedical’s new QTags are QR code labels that are tightly integrated with the company’s QConnect equipment management platform. Using the QConnect Mobile smartphone app, a customer applies a QTag to a piece of equipment needing service, then scans the QTag. This generates a request for a pickup, assigns a unique ID to the equipment, and advises the customer of the next pick-up date. The Quality Biomedical driver who picks up the equipment then scans the same QTag and produces an electronic receipt for the units picked up. The entire transaction is completed in a few seconds and establishes a secure record of the pickup for both parties.




    CareTend, powered by WellSky, is an all-in-one solution purpose-built for HME providers. CareTend automates all business operations from intake to delivery, including visibility into workflows and reporting. This HME software allows providers to access a 360-degree view of their business with custom dashboards built on real-time data to track their performance and KPIs using live data reports. CareTend simplifies inventory management with barcode tracking, providing accurate inventory counts across multiple locations. Real-time updates deliver the latest inventory metrics, ensuring a provider never runs out of supplies.

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    Breas USA



    Extended-life batteries prolong the battery life of Vivo ventilators

    Breas Medical USA’s Xpac extended-life battery for its Vivo line of ventilators to enhance patient mobility. The Xpac boosts the battery life of the Breas Vivo 50 and Vivo 65 by 12 hours and the Vivo 45 LS by 18 hours. That means the ultra-compact and lightweight Vivo 45 LS can now run 25.5 hours off the grid with the Xpac. The Xpac consists of two lithium-ion batteries, which can be easily removed and replaced by the user. Its LED display shows the health of each battery, so you know when it is time to renew them. In addition, Xpac’s batteries only take four hours to charge to full capacity.

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    Essentially Women

    Essentially Women


    Mother-baby program helps providers serve growing women's care niche

    Member service group Essentially Women (EW), a division of VGM & Associates for providers specializing in women’s health, is offering Lily, a new mother-baby program designed to help providers better serve women in this fast-growing niche. Lily focuses on helping members support mothers and babies in all stages of motherhood, from pregnancy to new mothers and beyond, according to EW. The program offers products, services, and solutions to help members support moms. Resources include thought leadership, education and training, and discount programs. Leading vendor partners of EW are also involved in the program.

      Encore Healthcare



      Nexus is an outcome-focused respiratory management program designed to help elevate HME respiratory care. The system focuses on combining better patient data, smart reporting, and driving increased referrals to help HME providers move into value-based business models. Using the Nexus software platform, Encore helps HME providers use clinical programs, data, and analytics to grow the equipment business and create ways to leverage outcomes to partner with physicians, hospitals systems and payers. Nexus helps providers manage symptoms; reduce hospitalizations; create long-term engagement between patient, program and providers; and improves patient care and progress.

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      Mobius DME

      Mobius DME

      Mobius DME

      Mobius DME’s platform guides patients through the HME/DME process in the same way they want to shop for everything else: a fully managed platform combines headless commerce with patient resupply that engages patients through data-driven, effective and easy-to-use tools and techniques. The Platform-as-a-Service empowers DME dealers with a resupply and frictionless commerce platform that is fully managed, increases patient engagement, integrates with your daily workflow, and increases retail sales that lead to higher profits.


        Transcend Micro

        Transcend Micro

        Baseball-Sized CPAP Device weighs under a half pound

        The Transcend Micro, a travel CPAP that weighs under a half pound and measures less than four inches across, is designed to make it more convenient for OSA patients to maintain their sleep therapy at home or on the road. In addition to the small form factor, the device is customizable via addon accessories and smart features, such as Bluetooth connectivity that lets users track their sleep therapy data via a mobile app. The Transcend Micro, which is compatible with any CPAP mask, also features quiet operation, auto-adjusting pressure, and air pressure relief. Accessories include the Transcend WhisperSoft muffler for acoustic sound reduction and the Transcend AirMist HME (heat moisture exchanger) for waterless humidification.

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        CAIRE Inc.

        FreeStyle Comfort

        FreeStyle Comfort

        Lightweight, portable oxygen concentrator includes telehealth connectivity

        The award-winning FreeStyle Comfort is a lightweight, ergonomic portable oxygen concentrator ideal for oxygen users seeking comfortable and convenient oxygen delivery as they engage in a more active lifestyle. Smart O2 technology features on the FreeStyle Comfort ensure optimal therapeutic oxygen delivery with each breath. Also, connectivity to the myCAIRE telehealth solution helps provide top-tier care for oxygen users with greater efficiency.

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        Responsive Respiratory Inc.

        floor display for boost oxygen

        Floor Display for Boost Oxygen

        RRI releases showroom display for Boost Oxygen

        Responsive Respiratory’s (RRI) floor display for Boost Oxygen supplementary oxygen products, which it recently began distributing, aims to give providers an eye‐catching tool to drive cash sales during the holiday season. Tinted in Boost Oxygen’s green color, the corrugated floor stand can be quickly assembled. It is sold as a kit with 30 large, 10 Liter natural scent canisters and ships in a single carton. The display holds both the 10 Liter large canisters and the 5 Liter medium. RRI stocks Boost Oxygen for immediate shipment from its central U.S. warehouse.

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        Blue Chip Medical Products Inc.



        Device helps caregivers off-load patient's weight while turning them

        Turning is essential for patient care, pressure redistribution and reducing pressure injury. When the patient is unable to turn without assistance, the caregiver and patient are at greater risk of injury. EZ-Turn helps caregivers off-load the patient’s weight while the rounded shape and turning handles provide control to easily and safely reposition the patient. EZ-Turn provides patient comfort and security and can help prevent injury for both the patient and caregiver. Made in the USA, the core is constructed from high-density CertiPUR-US foam. The EZ-Turn is Latex-free and fire retardant, and made with a heavy-duty anti-microbial medical grade vinyl double-stitched cover that cleans easily.

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        Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)

        Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC)


        Credential program aims to help DME/HME professionals boost their career

        Offered by BOC for DME/HME providers and medical equipment professionals, this credential demonstrates an industry professional’s knowledge and expertise in the DME/HME field, from prescription verification to billing and documentation. Seasoned DME professionals who meet the prerequisites can apply and take the exam right away.

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        Pride Mobility Products

        Jazzy Carbon Power Chair

        Jazzy Carbon Power Chair

        Powerchair is built for easy transport

        The Jazzy Carbon Power Chair power chair uses light yet strong carbon fiber material for its frame. The compact base folds and unfolds in a few steps for easy transport. It also features a lightweight, reliable airline-approved lithium-ion battery. While it weighs 44 pounds, the Jazzy Carbon still provides top speeds up to 3.7 miles per hour with a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

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        Universal Software Solutions, Inc.

        Universal Software Solutions

        Content Management

        StowPoint adds content management to Universal's post-acute software offerings

        Universal Software Solutions provides solutions for healthcare providers in the postacute care space. The company’s HDMS product has offered patient, inventory, and revenue management designed for home medical and specialty equipment, disposable supply, P&O, and infusion/specialty pharmacy providers. Universal’s StowPoint product handles content management needs, allowing word, image, audio, and video files to be stored all in one place. The company offers both on-premise or hosted solutions.

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        ExtriCARE USA

        extriCARE 3600 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

        extriCARE 3600 NPWT

        NPWT system gets updates to make it more user friendly

        The newly redesigned and PDAC-approved extriCARE 3600 Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) system is designed to be simple, reliable and effective. We’ve updated the pump color and interface to make it more innovative and user-friendly. The extriCARE 3600 utilizes an optional 400cc or 1000cc canister capacity. It includes a rechargeable and long-lasting battery, easy-to-use software and smart alarms, making it perfect for a facility or transitioning a patient home.

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