How to Integrate a Point of Sale Software System

How can providers best integrate point of sale systems into their existing software systems, as well as their business practices?

How to Effectively Market and Retail ADLs

If ever there was an easy entry point into cash sales,ADLs are it. So how should a provider get started?

Tricks of the Trade

Running a successful cash business requires commitment on the provider's end, including proper staff training, quality products, snazzy displays and an inviting storefront. Outlined below are seven rules that industry experts suggest providers follow to set up a respiratory retail business.

Escaping the Warehouse Mentality

In this month's cover story, Jeanne St. Peter, vice president of marketing and managed care at Accurate Medical Equipment, Fort Worth, Texas, talks about her experience making the move to retail.

Cash Sales Checkup

What’s the prognosis for HME’s retail revolution in the ‘New Economy?’

Consider Consumer Financing

Consumer financing might resurface in HME cash sales.

Technology Building Blocks for HME & CRT Providers podcast