ACU-Serve Signs Agreement with Nymbl Systems

Custom-fit seating and custom-built wheelchairs aren’t the only factors that make Complex Rehab Technology (CRT), well, complicated. CRT providers can get bogged down by complex documentation requirements, billing processes, and business management needs, as well.

ACU-Serve and Nymbl Systems are looking to streamline CRT business operations, according to a news announcement of a new partnership.

A March 27 news release said ACU-Serve — an end-to-end revenue cycle management company — has signed an agreement with Nymbl Systems, described as offering “software solutions that help deliver better business outcomes for those who enable better health and mobility.” The announcement added that the two companies “are working together to fill the void for purpose-built automation systems that meet the uniquely complex billing and business management requirements of CRT providers.”

Jim Knight, ACU-Serve’s CEO, has seen providers trying to use systems that aren’t the best fit for the complicated Complex Rehab workflow.

“As the CRT industry continues to grow, we see more of our CRT-oriented customers struggle with business systems that don’t meet their needs, from both a front-end, intake perspective and a back-office, billing perspective,” Knight said. “Nymbl brings a fresh approach to addressing the needs of CRT providers, with its roots deeply embedded in the O&P [orthotics and prosthetics] practices, where many of the same challenges existed until Nymbl came along.”

Chad Feinberg, Nymbl’s COO, said in the announcement, “We are seeing tremendous interest among CRT providers for our billing and business management solutions that accommodate for the highly complex and customized processes they have in place. By automating workflows and generating cleaner orders with our solution, CRT providers are able to help patients get what they need faster while also facilitating faster reimbursements. We’re pleased to be working closely with ACU-Serve to meet both the clinical and business needs of the CRT market.”

U.S. Rehab Vice President Tyler Mahncke confirmed that business management is a common CRT challenge: “There has been a large increase of interest amongst our U.S. Rehab members recently. As billing continues to be difficult and hiring new talent is still a problem, providers are looking to outsource more of their operations. And billing is a popular one that we are hearing more and more about. I am excited to hear of the partnership between Nymbl and ACU-Serve.”

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