Quality Biomedical Releases QTag Stickers

The QR code stickers help smooth and facilitate the repair process as well as reinforce providers’ chain of custody for devices.

Equipment management service provider Quality Biomedical, which serves the post-acute and HME markets, has released a new tool to help providers accurately track and demonstrate custody of equipment in the field.

“Customers often commented about the time required to generate RMAs, and their ability to accurately track the equipment they sent for service and received back after service,” said Jim Worrell, Chief Commercial Officer of Quality Biomedical. “We listened to those concerns and developed a comprehensive solution called ‘QTag’ to solve this industry-wide problem.”

QTags are QR code labels that are tightly integrated with the company’s QConnect equipment management platform. Using the QConnect Mobile smartphone app, a customer applies a QTag to a piece of equipment needing service, then scans the QTag. This generates a request for a pick-up, assigns a unique ID to the equipment, and advises the customer of the next pick-up date.

The Quality Biomedical driver who picks up the equipment then scans the same QTag and produces an electronic receipt for the units picked up. The entire transaction between the customer and the driver is completed in a few seconds and establishes a secure record of the pick-up for both parties.

In the next few weeks, a similar solution will be implemented for all deliveries as well, which will establish the industry’s first ultra-secure chain of custody for all equipment sent to and received from Quality Biomedical’s eight service centers.

“Our goal was to make the entire process of RMA generation and equipment tracking drop-dead simple and secure,” said Will Ross, COO of Quality Biomedical. “Our QTag solution saves our customers hours of administrative time and enhances the overall accuracy of the chain of custody. We feel this is a real game-changer in our industry that addresses loss of equipment which is one of the industry’s biggest problems.”

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