Exokinetics Opens Funding for Elevating Walker-Chair

Available to the public via SeedInvest, new Series B Funding broadens manufacturing capacity for Zeen walker, which lifts users and supports them as they walk.

Exokinetics Inc. has opened a Series B funding round to the public on the SeedInvest platform to invest in its Zeen "elevating walker-chair."

The Zeen provides safe mobility to walker users that need additional help by lifting them and supporting them as they walk.

The Zeen helps users who are at risk of falls and those who tire when walking due to disability, injury, age, or chronic condition. Additionally, the Zeen offers social benefits by letting individuals rest while conversing and engaging others at eye-level height in "barstool mode" rather than in a low position.

"After watching my aging parents struggle with wheelchairs — which can be one-way tickets to not walking — I knew something serious was missing from the personal mobility landscape," said inventor Garrett Brown. "Together with my inventing partners, I founded Exokinetics to pursue a revolutionary solution to change the lives of people with challenged mobility. The Zeen can unlock a true sense of freedom and help recover the joys of independent movement — and we embrace the opportunity to include new investors who share our vision."

Exokinetics has a portfolio of issued and pending patents managed by Brown, who personally holds over 100 patents worldwide. The Series B financing will let the company accelerate its manufacturing capability, continue to build consumer awareness, and expand its product line to include other variations of the Zeen and other potential products.

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