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How HME’s Labor Shortage is Impacting Resupply

Resupply expert Mike Lorenz discusses how his company is helping providers sidestep workforce constraints that would otherwise curtail their resupply efforts across disease states.

Labor shortages are impacting all corners of the HME industry, and that includes resupply. Regardless of disease state — sleep, diabetes, incontinence — providers are having a tough time recruiting, training and retaining staff that will carry out the various patient contacts required to ensure patients stay current with their therapy. Given that reimbursement is typically tied to resupply, that’s an important task.

Mike Lorenz, vice president of Resupply for Brightree met with HMEB at Medtrade to talk about the labor problems providers are facing when it comes to resupply and the services his company has developed to help them contend with those problems.

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