The Return of Medicare Claims Audits

Several months ago CMS threatened it would resume its claims audits. Now that is happening and audit expert Wayne van Halem provides the details on what’s happening and what providers need to know.

After hitting pause on claims audits to ensure patient access to healthcare during the COVID-19 public health emergency, CMS surprised everyone last fall by announcing it would resume those audits. Well now CMS has started restarting audits, and HME providers might have some room for concern.

In the current episode of the HMEB Podcast, audit expert Wayne van Halem, president of The van Halem Group, joins the podcast to discuss how CMS’s resumption of TPE, RAC and other audits programs is progressing, as well as what expanding resources at OMHA might mean or HME providers.

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In the previous episode of the HMEB Podcast, Gary Sheehan, MBA, CEO of Spiro Health, who has shared his insights and perspectives on how COVID-19 has impacted providers during the pandemic, rejoins the podcast to discuss how sleep providers and the entire HME industry can transition into a post-pandemic reality and what that might look like.

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